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WEBINAR: Small Business Leaders: Helping SMBs & Employees Manage Volatility and Transitions to Virtual Work

On May 13, 2020, EdCast, along with leaders from TriNet and Deputy, hosted an interactive discussion on what SMBs and HR leaders can do to help their employees through times of volatility and uncertainty, such as the current COVID-19 crisis.
In this webinar, our speakers discussed:

  • How the current pandemic and market volatility has affected small-to-mid-size businesses (SMBs)
  • How the recent shift to remote and virtual work has impacted and disrupted day-to-day interactions between employers and employees, particularly with SMBs
  • How leaders can help build morale by providing a forum for their team to engage and interact with each other–not only on a professional level but a personal level as well
  • How SMBs and HR leaders can provide the necessary guidance and tools needed for their employees to stay motivated and productive

Our speakers included three Thought Leaders with extensive experience with with SMB and HR leaders:

  • Martin Babinec | Founder, TriNet and Founder, UVC
  • David Zinman | President, Deputy
  • Philip Levinson | VP & Head of Marketing, EdCast

To find out more about how SMBs and HR leaders are managing through volatility and maintaining a constructive employee experience–even during times of crisis and with a global shift to virtual work–simply email us at We are happy to schedule a call to help answer your SMB, remote work, and upskilling questions.

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