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Webinar: Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Upskilling 4th Revolution

WEBINAR – Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Register for this timely webinar on Thur., April 19, at 3p – 4p IST for an interactive session that will prepare you for the future of work, learning, and skill development!
We have all heard about the future of work and how it is going to look dramatically different from what we know of it today. It is no surprise then that the World Economic Forum predicts that over a third of skills considered important in today’s workforce will become obsolete in just five years. It is time to get serious about upskilling the current workforce quickly to be able to tackle the demands of the future head on. Not only that, we are also going to need a whole new approach to learning and development in order to be effective in this endeavor.
EdCast is here to help you successfully prepare your workforce with the skills necessary to be succeed. Join us for a webinar with Harlina Sodhi, Senior Executive Vice President of HR at IDFC Bank, and Nishchae Suri, Partner and Head KPMG Academy, to learn more about “Upskilling the Workforce in the 4th Industrial Revolution.” The session is designed to discuss approaches that will enable future-focused skill development and learning for organisations and employees who want to lead their way through the churn and flux of the 4th industrial revolution… and come out winners!
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