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Podcast: In the Age of Google & Netflix, Why is it Still so Difficult to Learn? Enter the Knowledge Cloud

EdCast’s Karl Mehta Joins Chris Pirie for His Learning is the New Working Podcast

Enterprises and organizations are constantly searching for quicker and easier ways to facilitate corporate learning, upskilling and knowledge-sharing, particularly now with workforces more remote and distributed than ever. Yes, information and content is readily available to consumers via Google, Bing, Netflix, YouTube and thousands of information- and content-oriented sources. But the irony is that targeted and effective upskilling across companies and distributed workforces can be harder than ever for employers and employees.
Enter EdCast and the Knowledge Cloud. 
EdCast’s CEO Karl Mehta was happy to sit down with former Microsoft and Oracle learning leader Chris Pirie, founder of The Learning Futures Group, for his new Learning is the New Working podcast to discuss the mission behind EdCast, our award-winning Knowledge Cloud solution and his goals for the company. Check out this informative and lively podcast here — and let us know your thoughts.

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