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EdCast introducing the Corporate Academy at Open edX Con 2016

We’re excited to attend Open edX Con 2016 at Stanford, right in our backyard here in Silicon Valley. At the conference we’re announcing our innovative Corporate Academy powered by Open edX. Our Corporate Academy is an out-of-the-box solution that allows companies to setup their own branded academy and start running courses in less than 24 hours.
At EdCast, we’re firm believers in the 70-20-10 learning model and as such, we offer a solution that allows learners to access informal and formal learning in one seamless and complete experience. Our open edX Corporate Academy platform is an integral part of that experience and allows our customers to create powerful courses and award micro-degrees to drive user engagement and effective corporate learning. In addition, the EdCast Knowledge NetworkTM provides customers a complete solution for informal learning. Users on the Knowledge Network receive a personalized feed based on their job role, interests, and competencies of bite-sized content that they consume to learn everyday. Our customers, which include thought leaders such as GE, HP, EMC and Salesforce, combine our open edX powered Corporate Academy on the formal side, with the EdCast Knowledge NetworkTM on the informal side to deliver an optimized learning experience.
A holistic learning approach yields results
The feedback we’re getting from customers and how excited they are about our holistic approach to learning is what drives us.
HP_Life_Edcast_250Take HP LIFE as an example. They have a very large entrepreneur community that they wanted to grow and engage. They were seeking a solution that would offer more control, allow them to add courses easily, update content dynamically, and build a community encouraging peer-to-peer learning where users could learn and grow together. They also wanted a solution to seamlessly blend informal and formal learning to optimize the learning experience, making it intuitive, engaging and effective.
Now, EdCast powers HP LIFE’s 175 courses and our Knowledge Network provides complete control, enabling dynamic updates of the course materials, social collaboration tools to help drive user engagement, and focus on a customized learning experience for each user based on their interests, job, competencies, and other learning signals. Users can access our mobile apps to access and consume the full learning experience anywhere and anytime.
The results have been amazing, we’ve increased their global reach and we’ve improved their engagement significantly. In fact, 84% of HP LIFE users say they’ve helped them reach their professional goals.
What’s next for EdCast?
Our Open edX Corporate Academy is an extremely powerful out-of-the-box solution that enables corporations to be up and running in less than 24 hours.  To complement the formal learning, we have added a series of new capabilities on the informal side including the ability to create live streams, learning Pathways, and SmartbitesTM. These new learning components enable users to consume content on demand, real-time, and in chunks they can consume in a matter of minutes. This approach drives employee learning which in turn generates higher business performance.
We’re continually improving the user experience and our emphasis right now is on building powerful analytics, allowing our customers to track the progress of both individuals and teams through easy-to-understand visual dashboards.

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