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Does your Company Have a Content Discovery Problem?

Content Discovery Problem
We’re living in a paradoxical time. We are drowning in content but starving for knowledge that can improve our performance today.
On the one hand, our workforce has access to an abundance of external content from thought leaders all over the globe. There is an overwhelming wave of brilliant content living across the formal learning of learning management systems, the thousands of documents in your various intranets and document management systems, the many courses you have bought from various third parties, and the untold number of great resources available on the web. But it’s not curated, it’s not contextual, and we’re drowning in the stuff.
At the same time, your company has a wealth of insight on tap in the brains of your subject matter experts. But have you noticed that it’s not easy to pull the brilliant ideas out of your experts and present them in an intuitive, agile way to the rest of the company?
It’s like we have an abundance and scarcity all at the same time.
The rapid rise in technological change is leading to an informational deluge that is seriously impeding our workers, leading to distraction and disempowerment. But it also contains the seed of incredible potential. What if we could find a way to put our arms around all of this content—find a way to curate it and deliver it at the right time to our workers?
You may have noticed that your Spotify account doesn’t have this problem. Netflix can offer you a host of “Flawed British Detective Shows” once you’ve finished a season of Luther. Why? Because it has an intelligent discovery engine woven into its very design. So why on earth don’t we have this in corporate L&D?
Here at EdCast, we fundamentally believe that easy access to the most inspired content that allows workers to educate themselves in a daily way, is the key to brilliant business. So we’ve developed a tool to help get this done. We’ve found the way to put our arms around that content.
Download our eBook How to Solve the Discovery Problem in Corporate Learning to learn more.
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